Vocal Scholarships


Answers to Your Questions About Audition Day

Thursday, October 5 & Saturday, October 7,

How Do I sign up?

Call 480-575-0188 and speak to the Upscale Singers scheduling chairman.

What should I wear?

Ladies should wear either a skirt and blouse or a dress. They do not need to be dressy, but they should look nice. Guys should wear pants (not jeans) and a collared shirt. A vest or jacket would be fine too. You should dress for your audition as if it were an actual performance.

Should I sing one song or two?

You may sing either one song or two: It’s your choice! We’ve had winners that have sung only one piece and we’ve had winners that have sung two. Two songs give you the opportunity to show a contrast of styles – a slower sustained ballad and an upbeat energetic piece, a Broadway style and a classical piece, a foreign language and an English piece, etc. The most important thing in selecting music is that you pick songs that show your voice to the best of its ability. If you are a high soprano, don’t pick a low song – show us what you can do!

What style of song should I sing?

You should sing the style of music that shows off your voice best. The judges will not give preference to a certain style of song over another, but they will give preference to the singers that “show” more of their talent.

Do I need an accompanist?

You are encouraged to use your own piano accompanist or an accompanist will be provided for you. If your music is on separate pages be sure to bring it either in a notebook or pages taped together. If you would prefer, you may bring a CD or an IPOD accompaniment. Equipment is already available. Be sure there are no lead vocals on the accompaniment.

Where are the auditions held? – SAME LOCATION AS LAST YEAR:

Desert Hills Presbyterian Church, 34605 N. Scottsdale Road (across the road from El Pedregal Mall at Scottsdale Road and Carefree Hwy). Need help or directions that day – 480-203-7503 (Barbara Kerner, Upscale Singer)

Who are the judges and how many are there?

The two judges are current members of the Upscale Singers who have extensive backgrounds in singing. They have been professional performers themselves and have received prestigious vocal training.

What will it be like when I do my audition?

Plan to arrive 10 minutes early so you will have time to relax, check in and double check that we have your contact information correct. You will wait in the church lobby and have the opportunity to hear some of the other auditions taking place even though the doors will be closed and you won’t actually watch them. When it is your turn, one of our helpers will walk you into the church sanctuary and introduce you to the judges. They may ask you a couple questions just to help you get relaxed. You then give your music or accompaniment CD or IPOD to the accompanist and go over any special instructions. You will stand in front of the grand piano and sing from there. There will only be the accompanist and the two judges in the room. Parents or friends are not allowed in where you sing. Even though this is a “formal” audition experience, please know that everyone is on your side and wants you to be comfortable and do your best. If you make a mistake on your lyrics or need to start over on a section, don’t feel like you have just ruined your chances. Keep singing and smile!

When will I hear the results?

Everyone will be contacted by mail as soon as possible after the auditions. This is why it’s important at auditions that you check to see if your contact information is correct.

I hear the first place winners sing in a concert with the Upscale Singers. Is this correct?

Yes, the first place winners will be asked to sing at the Upscale Singers’ Christmas Show concerts on Sunday evening, December 4 & 11 at the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church. These are well-attended concerts and will be a great experience for our two division winners.